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Neal the Cocksucker
July 3 2005
I'm Neal, 36yo, my cock is almost 8 inches, and very thick, uncut.and I'm a Cocksucker!
I am so proud to be a Cocksucker, because nothing in the world is more satisfying to me than
holding a man's cock in my mouth, or taking it deep in my ass, bareback, then drinking that
delicious load of cum or piss. I can drink tons of piss without spilling a drop! I love sucking asses
too, and as my piix show, I LOVE being a slut for black men! There's nothing hotter than being
dominated and totally degraded in every way; slapped around, spit on, pissed on, fucked Bareback
with no lube, and having it all photographed and videotaped so everyone in the world can see it
after. I do videos for free, just to be in them, and the nastier, the better! I live in the central
part of the USA, and I can travel to be used in porn videos or to get gangbanged. I'd love to
be the most seen Cocksucker in the world, so if you'd like more pix of me, drop me an email
and I'll send you more, if you'll help me spread them all over the internet for me!

Email: Neal the Cocksucker
USA, California, Hollywood and Los Angeles

July 7 2005
I'm 54yo and hoping for a few responses to my pics and my video.
That's me doing the fucking by the way (pics).

Email: Stranger
UK, Midlands

July 11 2005
Im a 38 year old guy from Northern Illinois in USA.
Looking to trade hot pics and video. Tell me what you think

Email: Jerry
USA, Illinois, North

July 17 2005
Enjoy my cock shooting. Please reply only with pics-vids
when your cock is hard big and shaved.

Email: Adamio
Netherlands, Amsterdam

July 22 2005
I am 34 years old from Japan. Please see my photograph.
It will be excited if you think that it will look

Email: Gryphios

July 28 2005
I'm 51 yo and i like small uncut and shaved cocks

J'aime les petites quéquettes rasées et leur prépuce

Yahoo ID: joejoe55fr

Email: Daniel

July 31 2005
Hey, this is Andy in London. I'm 26yo and love other people seeing
my photographs and vids. Hope you enjoy them.

Email: Andylon
UK, London

August 8 2005
 I enjoy being shaved and driving naked.
Here is a vid of me on a bike - my dick is
feeling the wind and cum oozes out

Email: Bill
USA, Michigan

August 12 2005
I'm 41yo and i've been often seduced by the photos posted here.
I hope my photos will seduce some of you. I'm bi-curious and
I love cum-pics. Interested in exchanging hot photos and
why not meet one day?

Email: Remac

August 16 2005
Some of these pics and video are especially for all you foreskin fans
out there. If you get to see my videos, you'll see more of my
exposed knob! I'm 54yo and Enjoy :-)

Email: Stranger
UK, Midlands

August 24 2005
I've been coming to this site for quite some time...and figured I'd
best share a few of mine. Can't seem to get enough of hard cumming
cocks. Would love to trade self pics and vids. Race, size, shape, cut
or uncut are all welcome....real turn on ...head on shots of cocks
cumming. Into balls tying & stretching, and some anal play. If you're
interested drop me an email and lets get trading. I'm 49 yo.
-- All for the fun of it....let me make you cum --

Yahoo ID:
Email: George
Canada, Regina Sk

August 28 2005
I`m a bisexual male from Denmark. Like to trade vids. I`m especially
into cumshots. The gloryhole vid I have recorded myself, with a digital
camera. Hope you enjoy the vid.

Yahoo ID: prince_albert1975
Email: Tom
Denmark, Copenhagen

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