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December 19 2007

Hi! I'm Ken from JAPAN. I am 70 kgs, and 185cm tall. My dick is cut
and 19.5cm. I am a straight -male.  I'm a big fan of self pics and would love
to swap mine with yours.. I would like to trade pics with any other guys

Email: Ken


December 25 2007

After watching all you boyz for years its time for me to payback with some
of my pix. I wanna chat and trade pix and vids with all you hot boyz

Email: Eboy

USA, New York

December 30 2007

I live in a small town SE of Houston, Texas. I love to suck cock and go nude.
If you like my postings, let me know by sending me an email. All comments
welcome. 65 Years Old, 5'-10" tall, 185 ibs. 6 inch cut cock

Email: Texasbob

USA, Texas, Southwest. Houston

January 7 2008
Hallo, ich bin ein geiler Schwerträger und stelle meine Waffe gerne zur Schau. Ich liebe es, geil
abspritzen und einen geilen Arschfick mit meiner Maschine. Ich freue mich über Photos, Videos
und geile Kontakte und die Möglichkeit vielleicht im Videokontakt zusammen zu wixxen
und zu spritzen. Meldet euch, ich freue mich schon.

Email: Popo

January 13 2008
Hallo, ich bin 38 Jahre alt und lebe in Norddeutschland. Ich habe schon oft diese Seite besucht
und möchte jetzt auch selbst Bilder zeigen. Ich stehe auf close up Bilder mit Cum und
Foreskin (pulling), sowie Handjobs. Schaut euch die Bilder würde mich über zuschriften
mit Bildern und Bilder/Video tausch freuen.

Hello, i am 38 jears old and live in nothern germany. I like Pics close ups,
cum, foreskin pulling and handjobs. I am interesting in mails with pics or pics/vids trade

Email: Pegman
Germany, North

January 27 2008
Love to show off, see your comments, and trade pictures and video with
everyone out there. I'm 36, 5'11", shaved, bi, and open to everything,
especially into balls and ass. I have lots more photos of myself available.

Email: Brent
USA, New Hampshire

January 28 2008

Ii luv to see a penis cum in front of my face. i really get off on soft,
cum-covered, shared cocks. i luv to bury them in my mouth
and lick their balls! Im 48yo

Email: Jay

USA, Michigan, Novi

February 4 2008
Procuro um rapaz praticante de bareback, que tenha o pênis fino (não grosso), que seja bem
comprido o pênis, que tenha farta e grossa ejaculação, que esteja a pelo menos uma semana sem
ejacular, que seja ativo e passivo, possua o cu bem cabeludo, para poder realizar uma fantasia minha
que é o seguinte: eu ficaria na posição de quatro, e meu parceiro lentamente me penetraria bem
fundo, até eu sentir a cabeça do pau tocar no fundo do meu cu. Depois iniciaria os movimentos e
então no momento da gozada, colocasse o pênis todo bem no fundo e e parasse, então enchesse
o fundo do meu cu de esperma quente, farto e grosso. Quero sentir os vários jatos quentes
enchendo o fundo do meu cu, e depois ficar com o fundo do cu cheio de esperma. Depois quero
fazer o mesmo com o meu parceiro. Nunca tive nenhuma relação sexual com homem, mas tenho
vontade de realizar essa minha fantasia e adquirir uma amizade íntima. Sou brasileiro,tenho 33 anos
e uso um tradutor para escrever esse anúncio. Interessados, favor enviar foto do pênis fino e
do cu cabeludo, se tiver alguém do Brasil, mas precisamente de Olinda - Pernambuco que tenha
as caracteristicas que eu procuro e queira se tornar um amigo íntimo meu, manda e-mail com
foto do pênis fino e do cu cabeludo.

I seek a practicing boy of bareback to have the fine penises (no thick), that it is very long the
penises, that he has satiates and thick ejaculation, that is the at least one week without
ejaculating, that it is assets and liabilities, possess the very hairy ass, to accomplish my fantasy
that is the following: I would be in the position of four, and my partner slowly would penetrate
me very deep, until me to feel the head of the wood play in the bottom of my ass. Then it would
begin the movements and then in the moment of the cream, it put the penises all well in the bottom
and and it stopped, then it filled the bottom of my ass of sperm hot, full and thick. I want to feel
the several hot jets filling the bottom of my ass, and later to be with the bottom of the ass full
of sperm. Then I want to do the same with my partner. I never had any sexual relationship with
man, but I want to accomplish my fantasy and to acquire an intimate friendship. I am brazilian,
old 33 years and use a translator to write that announcement. Interested parties, please to send
picture of the fine penises and of the hairy ass, if he has somebody of Brazil, but precisely of
Olinda - Pernambuco that has the characteristics that I seek and want to turn my close friend,
it orders e-mail with picture of the fine penises and of the hairy ass.

Email: Jonny
Brazil, Pernambuco, Olinda

February 11 2008
Hi, I am Leslie from Hungary, 38 years, bisex, would like to exchange pics
with slim and shaved guys (or girls).

Email: Leslie

February 18 2008
56 yo. Single, Engineer in Dallas TX. Interested in meeting and playing with singles, couples,
groups. Rimmsuck fuck and kink. Vac pumper, rimseat and lots more

Email: Hrytool
USA, Texas, Dallas

You and Me
February 26 2008

I would like to exchange photos and videos or meet with like minded local
men.  I have never been with anyone before and would like the same
or minimal experience.  I am 54 160 lbs.

Email: You and Me


March 4 2008

Hi Guys,Chaz here in SW UK, 47, 6ft, slim. Havn`t posted for a while,
(not since gallery 355), so I thought I`d post a few more pics and
a video clip. Comments welcome.

Email: Chaz

UK, South West

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