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USA, US, United States of AmericaArizona USA
September 2 2011

Hey guys, had to send out some recent photos and a video
of my shaved cock, enjoy

Email: Max

USA, Arizona

Germany, Nürnberg Germany
September 10 2011

Komme aus Nürnberg und suche jemand der mich Filmt oder Fotografiert

Email: J.E.

Germany, Nürnberg

USA, US, United States of America USA
September 18 2011

Marko from the USA

Email: Marko


Canada, BC, Britsh Columbia Canada
September 29 2011

Love to look at all the hot pics on here! Here are a few
of mine to add. Hope you like! xxxseanny

Email: XXXseanny

Canada, British Columbia

Brazil, Brasil Brazil
October 15 2011

Hi all, just love all the great pics on this site. 5.9' tall, 7.5" cut
cock, always horny. Posting some new pics for all you cut lovers
(see also Gallery 862 if you want see more) and hoping to share.
So enjoy them! And let me know what you think of them if you
want to of course. Only responses in English, French,
Spanish or Portuguese with pics will get replies.

Email: Horny52


USA, US, United States of AmericaCalifornia USA
October 21 2011

I enjoy looking at all the photos on this site. Would really
like to hear your comments and see you photos. ;p
40+y/o enjoys showing off what he has. Hairy redhead
with a 7.5 inch erection

Email: Redman1919

USA, California

Finland, Kuopio Finland
October 29 2011
Hi ! My name is Jussi and I live in Finland, Kuopio. I´m 46 years old and totally Gay and bottom
cock slut.My Masters and Top guys have taken many hundreds pics from me and many videos too.
I love to submit for Real men. I like many kind of gay sex, but my favourites are: group-sex
(I´m slut slave for all men ), s/m, bondage, watersports, rimming, public humilation, webcam-sex.etc.
This is my favourite gay site - so I must take a part... Now I want to seek kinky gay/bi-friends around
world. Maybe we can send to photos and videos eachothers.Or maybe we connected by webcams...
If you live in Finland or could come here, it´s possible that we could meet and, of course, have
very horny moments together.

Email: Jussi
Finland, Kuopio

USA, US, United States of AmericaVermont USA
November 12 2011
Hi. This is Karl from VT. I'm 34 and bi-curious.
I would love to trade pics and videos with other men.

Email: Karl
USA, Vermont

Belgium, Belgie Belgium
November 18 2011

Im smurfje from belgium

Email: Smurf


UK, United Kingdom, Liverpool UK
Howie Boy
November 27 2011

Hope you like my video. I love the taste of cum.

Email: Howie Boy

UK, Liverpool

USA, US, United States of AmericaCalifornia, Los Angeles USA
White Raw Top
December 12 2011
Been checking this site out for years... Live in Los Angeles... Love fucking raw hole,
especially latin... Here's a few pics I took with my iPhone... hope the resolution is ok...
Also forwarding videos separately... Love getting pics from guys around the world...
especially ass shots and bareback pics... I have face pics to trade too... Always down to
hook up with locals... 33, 6'3", 225#, 34w, 7.5c, white raw top... Dick is cut, but got tons of
foreskin, so looks uncut... All of me... Fucking pics are me fucking a hot raw latin ass in Dallas...

Email: White Raw Top
USA, California, Los Angeles

USA, US, United States of AmericaNew York USA
December 23 2011

I am a 39 yo male from New York, United States. I love to play with
cum and am also into watersports. I am married, but really enjoy
watching other men play. I also enjoy trading underwear with men.
I am not into anything other than fresh cumstains in the underwear.
I only trade nice clean underwear with a fresh load in them. I will
trade photos with almost anyone, but will only trade underwear with
men from the US. Drop me a line if you would like to chat or trade.

Email: NYpartyboy

USA, New York